How to Use Silage Wrap for Haymaking

A silage wrap is a type of hay bale made from silage haystacks and straw. These are often used in Western countries such as the USA and UK. There is quite a tradition in using silage as a primary source of protein for their diets in these countries. It means that the silage can be harvested often and dried just before use in cooking and baking.

Silage wrap from UnipakSilage wrap from UnipakThere are two main types of Silage wrap from Unipak that have been widely used by many cultures all over the world: the loose-sided or open-sided type and the closed-sided or closed top type. The open-sided variety is much more widely used worldwide, mostly because it is easier to prepare and more affordable than the closed top variant. The main advantage of the open-sided wrap is that it allows the silage to drain well, soaks up moisture well, and retains its shape when baking or cooking.

In preventing the silage from becoming wet and damp, it is wrapped in layers, usually on a flat surface. However, if the silage is to be used directly on the ground, this is not usually necessary. The open-sided silage wrap is normally hung on an arm or tied with string to be rolled up like a burrito. The closed top or closed-sided silage wrap is tied with string to not roll up onto the earth but is tied directly to the haystacks or poles and hung.

The closed-sided or closed-top Silage wrap from Unipak is most commonly used to cover about a square mile of ground, although the length can be varied. The advantage of this covering is that it can easily be stacked on top of itself to keep itself compact and in place, helping the silage maintain its shape and integrity after being stored for several days.

The open-sided silage wrap is often used as a windbreak. The wrapping’s open side is designed to allow the wind to flow right over the silage, which helps keep it nice and moist. The open side is also great for keeping the silage from blowing away, especially if there are no fences around the silage. The open-sided silage is also suitable for covering fields, as the damp conditions won’t affect the hay. This wrapping is often combined with addressing and fencing so that the fields can be kept clean and free of weed seed.

Choosing the right type of silage wrap depends upon where you plan to use it and how you would like to manage the silage once it is stored.