An Introduction to Your Podiatrist Adelaide

Podiatry and foot and ankle pain surgery is a special branch of medical practice dedicated to the care, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of conditions of the foot and lower leg. This medical specialty has been around since the eighteenth century and today is one of the largest specialties in the United States. Podiatrists are specially trained doctors that specialize in treating foot problems.


The work of a podiatrist’s practice involves evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases of the feet, ankles, and lower limbs. Patients may be looking for a podiatrist for foot problems as a result of an injury, a broken bone, joint or deformity to their foot or ankle. Podiatrists are also known as podiatric doctors and podiatrists are also referred to as podiatrists. The term podiatrist Adelaide refers to a doctor who treats, diagnoses, or prescribes podiatry.


Professional podiatrists are usually board certified. They also need to pass an exam. Some many accredited colleges and universities offer programs on podiatry, and they often have additional training in the field of foot and ankle problems.


Podiatrist AdelaidePodiatrists may perform a variety of procedures on patients with foot problems. A podiatrist Adelaide can perform diagnostic X-rays to see what is causing the discomfort and pain and to determine if a bone defect is causing the problem or if the problem is more serious. They may also recommend other treatments such as wearing orthotics or wearing stockings to support your foot or ankle.


Foot and ankle pain are ubiquitous, particularly among adults. This can occur because of several things, such as a slipped or flat foot, arthritis, or an injury. If the foot or ankle pain persists after an examination and x-rays have been performed, a referral to a specialist in podiatry may be needed. A podiatrist Adelaide will use a variety of diagnostic tools, such as x-ray and imaging technology to diagnose, treat, or prevent foot and ankle problems.


One of the most common types of foot problems is called “medial metatarsal bursitis”. This is a condition that affects the lateral aspect of the metatarsal bones of the feet. Patients are commonly affected with this condition as a result of an injury, an abnormal growth pattern in their feet, or even from the aging process. An improper shoe or fitting can result in this type of foot problem.