Low Heels vs. High Heels – Which Women Prefers

Many women prefer to wear low heels over high heels because it gives a more feminine and graceful appearance. However, many women find that wearing low heel shoes can cause pain and discomfort to their feet. It is noted that there are various reasons for this type of discomfort and pain. Some of those include how your feet are structured, the structure of your feet and your body. Some factors come into play when you need to choose the right kind of low heel shoe.

low heelsFirst of all, look at how the shoe works. When people wear WildFireShoes.com.au high heel shoes, some exciting changes in stress happen on their foot’s plantar fascia surface. As expected, researchers found that high heel shoes magnify forces away from the backside of the foot to the front side. These findings are parallel to studies that reveal that high heels also promote the front foot, which is reciprocated by supination of the backside. In other words, when you walk in a high-heeled shoe, you do not have a stable, neutral position in which your feet are supposed to be.

Second, what is the function of a high heel compared to low heels? Contrary to what most women think, the high-heeled shoe does not increase foot stability. Walking in a high heel causes your foot to roll inwards and not maintain a neutral position. It can result in uneven walking and abnormal gait. High heels make it very easy for your calf muscles to flex, which causes you to walk with a strange gait.

Third, what is the relationship between low back pain and high heel shoes? Unfortunately, it has been found out that the low back pain is directly associated with stress placed on the back. Thus, wearing a pair of custom foot orthotics in addition to a couple of high heel shoes can reduce the effects of low back pain. A good pair of orthotics is capable of taking pressure off the lower back.

Another issue that directly connects the heel height and running shoe height is heel drop. Heel drop is usually measured by the distance between the heel and the back heel. It is known that runners with high heel heights are prone to a knee injury. The problem is worsened when one does not wear the proper footwear to prevent heel drop.

Heel stack is the leading cause of low back pain. One way to prevent it is by wearing the proper arch support by wearing supportive running shoes from WildFireShoes.com.au.