Purpose of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Why would an organisation invest in staff training to have new qualifications, including Certificate IV in Human Resource Management and assessment? Staff training continues to be recognised as one of the critical tools to remain competitive and successful in today’s competitive market.

The net result is that there has been a growing discrepancy between the type of staff coming into an employer’s business and the number of employees leaving the employer’s business due to skills and work-related problems. There are several benefits to implementing this into the various positions within an organisation.

TAE40116The main benefits of implementing this system of staff training from www.Auctus.com.au are the skills, knowledge and experience gained through the various assessment and certificate examinations which form part of the entire process. When you include the Certificate IV in Human Resources Management assessment and the Human Resources Management Certificate, five different assessments form part of the complete Human Resources Management System. This assessment framework is recognised worldwide and provides the employers with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to recruit and retain their key staff effectively. They consider the benefits to staff training courses and the associated assessments far out way any of the benefits to an individual company’s recruitment budget.

Another benefit to this assessment system from www.Auctus.com.au is the resulting set of CVs used to promote a prospective candidate for employment. It is not uncommon for large human resources organisations to use the CVs to recruit at each employment process level. This process often incorporates the Certificate IV assessment results, which form part of a staff training design. As well as this, a professional development plan often accompanies the assessment. The benefit of these two forms of assessment is that they provide the employer with the information they need to employ a person, either through a short term or long-term recruitment strategy.

Using the Certificate IV assessment, professional development and assessment can be carried out as part of your recruitment process. There are several benefits to this approach. First, it allows for more than one type of assessment which might otherwise be overlooked. This can be particularly true when recruiting at the senior level. There might be some overlap between other assessments, such as a professional development profile or a management skills assessment. Also, because the assessments incorporate both relevant knowledge and skills, a mix of personal and professional development competencies can be assessed, providing the employer with a more balanced selection criterion.

A second benefit of assessing the Certificate IV TAE40116 is that it provides employers with the necessary information to support and compare against other similar jobs within the organisation. The certificate sets out specific competencies and qualities which can be utilised by a trained professional. These competencies and qualities can be used to select suitable candidates from a pool of candidates, enabling those being considered for workplace training and assessment to be assessed against more than one set of potential requirements. This means that employers have greater confidence in their selected candidates and that they are more likely to make an effective recruitment investment in people who are best suited for their particular roles.

Thirdly, a thorough assessment via TAE40116 provides employers with information to identify those suitable to take the examination. It shows employers how much they will need to provide to obtain the skills, abilities, and knowledge they seek from their new employees. The assessment considers the candidate’s potential for obtaining relevant qualifications and experience and any relevant entry requirements to UK employment. This is a useful method of ensuring that the candidate meets the correct and adequate levels of Entry Requirements (ELAs).

The benefits of a Certificate IV assessment are enhanced further by using a qualified and experienced facilitator. This individual has both the necessary experience of completing similar assessments and knowledge of the relevant legislation. A facilitator will be able to apply the benefit of certificate IV in training and assessment to your circumstances, ensuring that you receive the right support and training to improve your career. They will work with you throughout the assessment and placement process, ensuring that you understand the decisions made and feel confident about the decisions reached.

There are many benefits of using a facilitator for a certificate IV in training and assessment. These benefits include the employer’s cost savings, the flexibility of the learning environment, the support provided to the individual, and the overall quality of education delivered. Further benefits include the convenience of learning at the workplace, the direct application of learning materials, the immediate feedback provided to students and the skills and knowledge gained. The inclusion of facilitators in training and assessment processes has helped to deliver these benefits to individuals and companies in different sectors across the UK.