Becoming an Electrician – What You Need to Know to Become an Electrician in Glenelg

An electrician is someone specializing in wiring electric transmission lines, buildings, and other related electrical machinery. Electricians can also be hired to install new electrical equipment or the repair and maintain existing electric infrastructure. In the United States, an electrician Glenelg is required by law to have a valid license. Some states do not require permits and will hire anyone to work for them without a license as long as they take an approved training course.


To become an electrician, there are several steps you need to take to obtain your license. The first step is to find an accredited electrician school. Although some states require a degree, most only require a high school diploma or GED. After graduation, the electrician must pass the state’s licensing exam. Once licensed, the electrician Glenelg will need to take a career test to determine if he meets the requirements to become a professional electrician.


Some states will require a high school diploma to enroll in a vocational program, but many will not. You do not need a high school diploma to begin taking electrician courses. Most vocational programs will let you complete the course without a certificate if you wish to, and some even provide online instructional learning at home. Courses include electronics basics, mechanical drawing and drafting, along with hands-on laboratory exercises and projects.


Electrician GlenelgTo become an electrician Glenelg who is still studying, you can choose to earn your four-year diploma or GED (General Equivalent Diploma) through a technical school or by making a high school diploma through a vocational program. You can choose to attend a technical or vocational school that offers a certificate program in two years or less, or you can choose to take an apprenticeship. With an internship, you will learn more advanced technical skills and gain valuable experience on the job and gain potential job connections. With a certificate program, you will study practical electricity with minimal classroom instruction.


The Association of Electrical Contractors will only accept electricians who have completed a two-year apprenticeship program. These programs are valid for two years and will allow you to meet the requirements to take the examination to qualify you for licensing. The AC Excellence accredited electrician apprenticeship program is the only nationally certified apprenticeship program completed online. It requires a minimum of 14 hours of coursework in AC technology. This includes classroom instruction and fieldwork. Two hundred and forty-five theoretical and practical hours are needed to complete the program.